Junk free June


La Ruée des Nanas s’associe à l’association Junk Free June et soutient Lisa Osborne pour récolter de dons pour la société de Cancer de Nouvelles Zélande.

Concrètement, qu’est-ce qu’on fait et c’est quoi le Junk Free June ?
Et bien nous avons décidé de dire adieu aux frites, burgers, glaces, ice tea et tous les autres produits de la mauvaise qualité autrement dit fastfood pendant ce mois de juin. Certaines de nous font carrément le mois sans sucre rajouté.

JUNK FREE JUNE est un ONG qui soutient la société de Cancer de NZ. Leur but c’est de combattre la maladie en incitant les personnes à adopter une hygiène de vie et contribuer via les donations aux patients souffrant de cette maladie.

Comment pouvez-vous contribuer ?
Avant tout même si vous arrivez à faire une semaine de Junk free June ce serait pari gagné pour nous. Junk c’est de la mauvaise alimentation, et, chacun a ses propres habitudes … donc, leur propre « junk » à laisser tomber pendant cette période.

Vous pouvez aussi contribuer financièrement même si c’est un petit billet de 5€. Nous avons une cagnotte en ligne sur Leetchi : https://www.leetchi.com/c/solidarite-de-junkfreejune-sweetnothing où vous pouvez donner la somme que vous souhaitez.
Vous verrez la cagnotte est anonyme.

On compte sur votre soutien.


I first read about this challenge on Lisa Osborne’s Facebook page. Perfect timing, as I said to myself what better than clubbing this up with my new workout routine after the leg and back injury. I spoke with my friends from La ruee des nanas who not only encouraged me but have accepted the challenge as well. We are all supporting Lisa Osborne in raising money for the Cancer Society in NZ.


Concretely what are we doing?

  1.  We are eating clean and saying no to Junk this month
  2. Includes making your lunch to work and saying no to wine !
  3. Some of us are going sugar free which means we are substituting sugar with agave sirop but more importantly avoiding sugar as much as we can.
  4. We will train, run, workout together and everyone is welcome to join us in out outdoor trainings.
  5. Towards the end of the month we will organise a BIG event to celebrate this challenge and also the 1st birthday of La Ruee des Nanas’ existence.

Capture d’écran 2016-06-02 à 16.38.42Why are we doing this?
Essentially for us, for our health… what better than adopting a healthy lifestyle. But also, and more importantly for a noble cause. We would like to raise a good amount of money for the Cancer Society of New Zealand. We have chosen to channelize this donation via Lisa Osborne’s Sweet Nothing initiative on Junk Free June NZ website !

How can you contribute?
If you wish to donate even if it were 2 euro, you can do so on the virtual donation box we have created on Leetchi [https://www.leetchi.com/c/solidarite-de-junkfreejune-sweetnothing]
All you need to do it click there and put in your card details with the amount you wish to contribute.

La Ruee des Nanas and Les Mills?
Wow thats a long « love story ». To cut it short, all of us at La Ruee des Nanas have been taking Les Mills classes for years now. Some of us are even national level instructors. We have all benefited from Les Mills in many ways. Be it a BodyAttack class or a BodyCombat. A BodyJam session or a Shbam class. In our Local gym at Le 10 boulevard or at International LesMills conventions Super Saturday in Stockholm…. After all we all come from different professional backgrounds and are united by the love of fitness. Based in Toulouse but with girls from the Reunion islands to India, our ambition is to be useful to others out there who are struggling to cling on to some kind of a motivation to start (or continue) their fitness journey. But, more importantly to spread a healthy lifestyle.
It won’t be an exaggeration if we say our team came together because of LesMills. Hence the obvious inclination to support our role model Lisa in this challenge.

Speak to your entourage, join us. Trust us, your body will thank you but also will many people.

Capture d’écran 2016-06-02 à 16.44.56


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