Evaluating Caveman Bob by Relax Gaming

At least in some sense all of us gamblers are Neanderthals. We pushed the spin button in a steady cadence, hoping for a large win while also seeking the pleasure of the highs. Something completely else comes to mind, however, as you turn on Caveman Bob for the first time. In fact, the fairly juvenile cartoon style visuals may have you puzzled, not sure if you should summon the kids to watch Ice Age or prepare for a gaming session.

The world of Relax Gaming is a made-up version of the prehistoric Pliocene, complete with saber-toothed tigers, mammoths, and enormous birds. Join the wandering Bob in this 5-reel, 3-row, 20-payline slot as he visits his favorite destinations, each with its own wilds and volatility. Benefit from gigantic symbols, cash awards, and symbol transformations in the game’s three randomly triggered features. You may join Bob on his journey from 20 cents to 100 Euros every spin, and you can play on whatever device you choose.

In terms of appearance, Caveman Bob is decidedly not ancient. Given Relax Gaming’s track record, its superior quality and detailed, cutting-edge aesthetic shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. The narrative and visuals in this piece are both exciting. The game’s three zones, the Oasis, the Cave (Bob’s spiritual home), and the Mountain Peak (where features are harder to come by but can be more rewarding than anywhere else), each have their own unique mathematical designs and themes.

The playing card icons on the reels are handcrafted stones with jewels placed within. Pterodactyl birds, wolves, enormous rhinoceroses, mammoths, and Bob himself are the five cartoon-style creatures with the highest value, awarding 25 times your wager for five on a complete payline. The wild substitutes for any other sign, regardless of its value, and can appear in a variety of shapes and sizes, both singly and stacked. To be continued…

The game engine is also highly modern and the reels spin smoothly. In addition, the action is set to a rhythmic score that is both fierce and primal in tone.

Features of Caveman Bob (by Relax Gaming)

In Caveman Bob, you won’t find a free-spins bonus. Instead, there are three Shared Features that may be activated at will. The term “shared” refers to the fact that these effects can occur on any spin, regardless of where you are on the map. The following is to be expected:

When “Hand of Bob” is activated, the lowest-value symbol on the screen is replaced with a more valued one. This process can be repeated indefinitely until a victory larger than the first win is generated.

A respin is granted when you activate the Mammoth Respin function. Most of the Mammoth symbols on the reels during the respin will be enormous 4×4 symbols. These symbols come in three different sizes. Your present position determines the giant symbols you may access. The Oasis provides the smallest symbol size (2×2), the Cave provides the next largest symbol size (3×3), and the Mountain provides the largest symbol size (4×4).

Bob’s Wheel gives you a shot at winning up to 50 times your original wager with only one spin of the multiplier wheel.

You get three games for the price of one thanks to the game’s three distinct locales, which are vastly different from one another in terms of their mathematical design, graphic presentation, and features. However, at first, the only place you may go is the Cave. Unlocking new areas requires first thoroughly exploring the existing ones. As a matter of fact, they only open at random. Once you have unlocked all three areas, you will be able to roam freely between them as you choose. There’s bound to be some strange attraction at each destination. What you receive is as follows:

The Oasis is where Bob usually goes hunting because it is the lowest point of the grounds. If he lands a fish, one of the three common elements will be triggered. Fire Embers appear on the reels at random and behave as Spreading Wilds, potentially awarding a cluster of up to 13 Wild symbols. Due to the low volatility of this region, winning combinations will occur more frequently, but rewards will be smaller across the board.

Bob’s mental and physical starting point is the Cave. When Bob is finally able to catch the hog, one of the three common elements will be activated. Stalactites can also fall into the reels and turn into Fully Stacked Locked Wilds, and this can happen anywhere from 1 to 5 times. The level of risk and potential reward at this destination are around average.

The Mountain – A gigantic bird is after Bob on these snowy peaks, but if he gets to steal one of its nourishing eggs, one of the three common elements will be activated. Wild blizzards can occasionally roll in, activating the Random Wilds feature and awarding anywhere from 3 to 15 wilds in unpredictable locations. The paytable suggests that this area, despite its high volatility and low frequency of the Random Wilds feature, offers the greatest potential rewards.

Results for “Caveman Bob” from “Relax Gaming”

The innovative and contemporary production that is Caveman Bob is in sharp contrast to the primordial story. It’s a novel concept that may take some getting used to, but it’s also a big part of the game’s appeal. The juvenile cartoon style visuals and feature-heavy gameplay will surely alienate some of the older hardcore gamblers who might pass it off as a style-over-substance type game. However, casual gamers who are wanting to pass the time and get their money’s worth of entertainment might fall hopelessly in love.

It’s great to see something new and different being implemented, and with all the random features, we don’t even miss the free spins bonus. Our only complaint is the relatively modest payouts, yet the chance to win 500 times your initial wager on a single spin makes up for it. To put it another way, Caveman Bob is not a game where you’ll be chasing life-changing winnings, but if you enjoy amusing slots, you may find it difficult to resist the temptation of pushing the spin button in a steady, rhythmic fashion.






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